A bill to tackle unfair trading practices and to establish an independent regulator in the agrifood sector will be debated in the Dáil later today.

The Agriculture and Food Supply Chain Bill will establish the office of An Rialálaí Agrabhia, or AgriFood Regulator.

The regulator will tackle unfair practices and promote transparency in the sector.

Farmers and primary food producers have long complained they were subject to unfair treatment and costs by powerful retailers they could not afford to fall out with for fear their products would be delisted.

The new regulator, which will be led by a CEO who is expected to be named soon, will have powers to investigate complaints, draw conclusions and impose fines of up to €10 million on anyone engaging in unfair trading practices.

Issues that could be investigated include unilateral contract changes, unduly delayed payments and commercial retaliation against suppliers.

The regulator will also compile and publish analysis of pricing and markets to bring greater transparency to the agricultural and food supply chain.