Bank of Ireland, UCD's AI PREMie and Webio were among the top Irish AI innovators at the fourth AI Awards ceremony today.

The AI Awards support the growth and development of Data Science, Machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence in Ireland.

The awards seek to recognise how AI can be used to help solve some of the biggest, business, academic, environmental and health challenges facing our society today.

The event, organized by the non-profit AI Ireland, was supported by headline sponsor Microsoft along with other sponsors Alldus International, the ADAPT Centre, CCT College Dublin, Mazars and IDA Ireland.

Microsoft Ireland General Manager Anne Sheehan said that innovation through AI technology can make such a positive impact across many different sectors, from education and research to finance and health, as well as addressing some of the bigger challenges we are facing as a society.

"The AI Awards are key to harnessing this and recognising Irish talent and we want to congratulate all their winners for their exciting innovation in AI," she added.

The 2022 AI Award Winners are:

Best Application of AI in a Large Enterprise

Bank of Ireland - for the implementation of their Downstream User Table, which identifies the maturity journey of a cohort of machine learning models implemented for customer propensity modelling with the aim to offer a single view of validated, accurate and ready to use output for downstream users for a variety of purposes.

Best Use of AI in an SME

Kinesense - for their AI-centric research project, namely the Visual Intelligence Search Platform (VISP), which seeks to improve workflows for transcoding, analysing, and distributing videos using deep learning video analytics and cloud-based processing technologies.

Best Application of AI in a Startup

SeamlessCARE Ltd - for their AI application Empathic that helps non-verbal people to independently communicate. It uses AI to interpret short recordings of non-verbal vocalisations & support people with communication difficulties due to autism, stroke, dementia, intellectual disability and a wide range of other conditions.

Best Application of AI to achieve Social Good

AI Premie UCD - who are saving lives of mothers and babies using AI. A multidisciplinary team led by University College Dublin combines AI with patented biomarkers and clinical expertise to accurately diagnose pre-eclampsia and predict the patient's future outcome.

AI Person of the Year

Dr Amelia Kelly - Amelia is the VP of Speech Technology at SoapBox Labs and has over a decade of experience in speech signal processing, ML, NLP and AI. She has been instrumental in driving the culture and approach in how they build, model and test their speech technology at Soapbox Labs.

Women in AI Person of the Year

Terri O'Donovan – Terri has over 14 years of experience in Janssen across various functions including creating the first Janssen Digital & Technology department. She played a critical role within the JSI Expansion Project as System User supporting the design, startup phases and the introduction of new technologies.

Young AI Role Model of the Year

Kevin Quinlan, ESB - for his role in role in driving analytics in ESB which could have a long-term impact on the energy system and climate in Ireland. Kevin has delivered numerous high value projects, including the Development, Planning and Reporting tool he developed for the Smart Metering project.

Best Application of AI in an Academic Research Body


Best Application of AI in a Student Project

Eoin Delaney - Third year PhD student at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics & VistaMilk SFI Research Centre in UCD for his research on Explainable AI (XAI), specifically on how black-box AI models can be explained to developers and end-users using counterfactual explanations.

Best Use of AI in a Consumer/Customer Service Application

Webio – for their own proprietary Conversational AI (NLP) Engine which specifically identifies the intents and entities associated with credit and collections conversations. This enables Webio to understand what the customer is trying to achieve more effectively than generic solutions.

Best Application of AI in Healthcare

Akara Robotics - A spin-out from Trinity College Dublin, Akara developed Violet, the first clinical-grade fully autonomous UV disinfection robot. Violet uses advanced sensing and AI abilities that allow it to traverse complex hospital environments and closely control the parts of the room that are irradiated.

Best Use of Responsible AI & Ethics

Webio - Webio's proprietary Conversational (NLP) Engine gives a person the opportunity to speak to a trained operative while ensuring conversations remain private and that the information shared is not used in any manner than intended by the customer.