The operator of Ireland's gas network does not expect any disruption to supply this winter.

Gas Network Ireland's latest Winter Outlook report predicts that there is enough supply and capacity in the network to meet anticipated demand in the coming months.

That would include a potential extremely cold day that would only occur once every 50 years.

GNI predicts that 21% of the country's supply this winter will come from the Corrib gas field, while 79% will come from the UK interconnector.

This pipeline includes gas from the UK itself as well as Norway, with GNI saying that forecasted flows of gas are similar to previous years.

It also points to the UK's supply of Liquified Natural Gas as a sign that the supply can be flexible in the event of changing demand.

"While there is an elevated risk of disruption due to the uncertainty resulting from the war in Ukraine, we are not forecasting any disruption to gas supply this winter," said Gas Networks Ireland's Future Networks Manager, Maurice Power. "There is currently enough gas supply and network capacity to meet the State’s expected needs.

"At Gas Networks Ireland we have robust and tested procedures in place to manage a gas supply shortage.

We actively work with the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications and the Commission for Regulation of Utilities – the body responsible for Ireland’s security of energy supply, to ensure the risk of a supply disruption is minimised."