The latest Central Statistics Office figures for agricultural prices show input prices rose nearly 42% in the year to May, while output prices rose by 28%.

Today's CSO figures also show that fertiliser prices rose very steeply in the year, up 164%.

Energy prices in agriculture jumped 50.5% and feed prices increased 32.6%.

The CSO also said that increases can be seen in the output price sub-indices where the monthly price of milk has risen by 5.6% in the month from April and is up almost 44% in the year.

Cattle prices are up more than 26% on a yearly basis, it added.

Today's figures show that the monthly agricultural output price index is up 5.4% and input price index is up by 2.7% in the month from April to May.

A more detailed look at the monthly output sub-indices shows increases in cattle prices (up 6.7%) and milk prices (up 5.6%).

The monthly input sub-indices saw growth in energy prices, with an increase of up 7.3%, but a small drop of 0.9% in the price of fertilisers.