Dublin-headquartered IT services company Auxilion is on course to grow its revenues by 25% to reach €48m by the end of 2022.

Auxilion said that during the first quarter of this year it secured new contracts worth €9m.

Some of these are multi-year deals and will add to the company's growing customer portfolio consisting of both public and private organisations.

This follows on from a successful end to 2021 as the company secured €13m in new contracts, which resulted in its total new business amounting to €22m over the past six months.

Auxilion said its growth was mainly driven by the increasing demand for IT and project governance to support change management and hybrid working strategies, underpinned by ICT development and digital transformation.

It is also seeing increased demand for hybrid cloud and modern workplace solutions, as well as Business Process Optimisation and resourcing services.

In order to meet these needs and as part of its wider growth plans, Auxilion is in the process of expanding its team.

It announced last year that it would create 110 new jobs and generate €60m in revenue by 2024 and added 48 new employees to the team over the past three months.

These positions include technical personnel and project managers located across the company's Dublin headquarters and its Belfast office.

Auxilion is also expanding its presence and delivery of services in the UK, with plans to scale its operations across both the UK and Irish markets this year.

Philip Maguire, CEO at Auxilion, said that it has been a fantastic start to the year for Auxilion with a number of sizable, multi-year contracts closing in the first quarter.

"We had a lot of confidence going into 2022 after a strong last quarter and with a very strong visible pipeline - both new business and customer extensions. To get these opportunities across the line truly is a testament to our talented team," Mr Maguire said.

"Even as we move into a new phase of the pandemic and with global economic pressures to be mindful of, we continue to be optimistic for the remainder of the year and our aim will be the same going forward: to enable digital thinking, built differently," he said.

"We will do this by continually delivering and diversifying top-quality consultancy and technology services to our client base," he added.