Premises which are passed by the National Broadband Plan will be able to avail of 2 gigabits per second download speeds, if they choose to.

National Broadband Ireland, which is rolling out the plan, has added the additional speed option to the others already on offer.

The entry level speeds available to users of the network is 500Mbit/s download and 50Mbit/s upload.

Over 554,000 premises are to be connected to the National Broadband Plan network.

In total 50 retail service providers have signed up to sell services and 34 are certified as ready to start.

NBI has faced criticism for the pace of its rollout, which has fallen behind schedule in part due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Around the start of January, just over 5,000 premises were actually using the service.

However, the infrastructure to pass over 150,000 premises is currently being built and 54,466 can currently order a connection.

The state is paying around €2.6bn towards the project