A London-based electric vehicle charging start-up has won this year's UCD Start-Up of the Year Award.

Go Eve is developing a system to roll out electric charging facilities across multiple car parking spots at a lower cost than is currently possible.

The technology was initially developed at UCD School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, before its research team moved to Imperial College London to further develop the concept.

It is currently in the process of being spun out from the two universities into a standalone business.

The UCD start-up award comes after the company completed UCD VentureLaunch Accelerator Programme, and sees the company secure a €32,000 prize fund.

"We are truly honoured to have won the 2021 UCD Start-up of the Year Award. Our vision at Go Eve is to make every parking space capable of charging an EV using the DockChain technology," said Hugh Sheehy, CEO and co-founder of Go Eve. "This technology makes rapid DC charging possible for all parking spaces at little more than the cost of today’s slow AC charging infrastructure.

"The technology has the potential to open up a whole number of use-cases, especially where large volumes of EVs are parked, such as for car rental fleet operators, large destination car parks in hotels and office buildings. Many other applications are being examined, from municipal parking to advanced Vehicle-to-Grid solutions."

"Given the importance of climate action it is fantastic to see Go Eve which is developing an innovative technological solution in the area of sustainability win this year's programme," said Tom Flanagan, director of enterprise and commercialisation at NovaUCD. "We are also delighted to be working in collaboration with our colleagues in Imperial College London to commercialise this exciting DockChain technology.

"It has the potential to make a significant impact on how EVs are charged."