Stripe, the online payments firm founded by Irish brothers Patrick and John Collison, has announced the expansion of Stripe Terminal to Ireland, France, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.

Using Stripe Terminal, businesses have the capability to take both in-person and online payments.

Earlier this year, Stripe announced 1,000 jobs for Ireland and built its first global product, Stripe Tax, out of Dublin, which is Stripe's joint global headquarters.

Stripe now operates in 44 countries around the world and its services are used to process hundreds of billions of dollars of payments each year.

The company was valued at €80 billion following its last funding round of €500m in March, which involved investors including the National Treasury Management Agency and Allianz X.

Matt Henderson, EMEA Business Lead at Stripe, said that over the last decade it has become much easier to accept in-person or online payments.

"But as soon as you want to do both, it would get complex and challenging. The expansion of Stripe Terminal means businesses in Europe around the world can easily unify their in-person and online payments experiences," he added.