Irish organisations are making strong progress in migrating their businesses to the cloud, according to a new report from Accenture.

The data reveals that one in five Irish companies are ahead of their global peers in this regard.

However, the report states that migrating to the cloud is just the beginning.

"The challenge for business leaders is to ensure that cloud is not considered a fixed destination," said Donal Óg McCarthy, Cloud lead at Accenture in Ireland.

"The focus must turn to embedding the right cloud skills and capabilities within their organisation, cloud fluency across the enterprise and alignment on a clear set of business value outcomes that cloud will deliver.

"Continued focus on long-term cloud integration will bolster those organisations who recognise its potential into the future," he said.

According to the research, 88% of Irish companies are choosing to move to the cloud, with benefits including greater efficiency and cost savings. That compares to 71% globally.

36% of Irish respondents surveyed said that their business workloads are currently in the cloud today.

While over two-thirds of Irish respondents said that workloads will move to the cloud in the next five years, compared to 66% in Europe and 64% globally.