Dogpatch Labs has hosted the first NDRC demo day virtually , having been awarded the €17m tender to manage the National Digital Research Centre, an accelerator programme for ambitious tech entrepreneurs, last year.

Eleven start-ups, including alumni of Stripe, Intercom and Zalando, showcased their progress over the first half of the six month programme.

Several startups revealed significant growth metrics and announcements as they took to the stage - notably Vidu which revealed angel investment from three co-founders of Irish unicorn Intercom, Dataships which announced a $3m seed funding round, and Guardara which announced its technology was used to detect a 'zero day' vulnerability in an open-source project.

Robotify, led by a 23-year old CEO, also announced a landmark new customer - Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Patrick Walsh, CEO of Dogpatch Labs, said the ecosystem in Ireland has reached a new phase. "We’re now starting to see the second order effects 15 years after the likes of Google arrived, with new startups emerging from Irish unicorns and big-tech that is based here.

"Typically top early stage Irish founders would have a preference for Techstars London or YCombinator. With this new accelerator, we’re seeing top Irish talent stay and international founders come to Ireland," he said.

The Demo Day cameat the midpoint of the 6 month programme, a unique model which sees each startup supported by an Entrepreneur in Residence on a weekly basis for a further 3 months to focus on closing their round, hiring and term sheets.

The NDRC in January became one of the first European accelerators to adopt a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE).

This week Dogpatch Labs published its version of the Y Combinator SAFE, adapted for Irish Law.

"We made our version of the YC SAFE freely available, as SAFEs are founder-friendly with simple to understand terms and conditions. Our hope is that by doing the work on the behalf of the ecosystem, every entrepreneur in Ireland can benefit," Mr Walsh said.