Technology Ireland, the Ibec group that represents the technology sector, said today that Budget 2022 must recognise and support the technology sector as the primary engine in driving the country's recovery.

It also said the Budget should aim to develop Ireland's foreign direct investment growth model to attract and retain multinational technology companies, back entrepreneurship and support innovation and research and development.

Budget 2022 should also that help Ireland embrace its role in EU digital regulation, strengthen regulatory capacities and lead on digital policy issues at an EU level, it said.

Ireland's digital sectors account for about 13% of the country's GDP and since 2013, the sector has grown at an average of 12% a year.

The sector now directly employs over 210,000 people, while wages in the sector are also higher than elsewhere in the economy.

Technology Ireland Director Una Fitzpatrick said the sector has played a central role in sustaining Ireland throughout the pandemic, adding that technology makes things better for people.

"That's why Ireland must recognise the technology sector as the primary engine driving the recovery across every aspect of our society and our economy. It is vital that every aspect of government policy is focused on clearing the way for that recovery," Una Fitzpatrick said.

She said that the technology sector in Ireland has undoubtedly been one the keystones of the country's economic and social growth in the past 30 years.

"Ireland is now the envy of many countries, but our current achievements are no guarantee of future success. There are many opportunities ahead for the Irish technology sector, but there are also threats and possible constraints on our growth," she said.

"We are calling on the Government to use Budget 2022 to maintain and strengthen the health of the technology ecosystem, not just with passive support but by modelling best behaviour in GovTech with regard to digital transformation," she added.