Press Up Hospitality Group has signed a partnership with delivery platform, Gigable, that will see it deliver food from the company's restaurants.

Press Up owns well-known outlets such as Elephant & Castle, Wowburger, RICE Chinese, Coo Coo Indian and Double 8 dumplings.

Gigable will also provide delivery services for the recently launched Press Up Eats, LuLu Sushi and home restaurant boxes from Tomahawk Steakhouse, Mackenzies and Dollard & Co.

Gigable gives the hospitality sector access to gig drivers at short notice.

Currently it has around 40,000 members here and in the UK since it launched last year.

The company says it offers collective benefits for drivers, including sickness and injury pay, cost effective access to private health cover, as well as GP and mental health services.

Meanwhile, Deliveroo has said it will match customers tips to restaurants up to the value of €10,000 for the next four weeks.

It says it is making the gesture in recognition of the fact that thousands of restaurants, bars and small businesses are reopening after months of closures.

Local restaurants that have been required to close to diners since last year are eligible for the benefit.

100% of the tip amount is passed on to the restaurant, Deliveroo claims.

"Tipping in-app is an easy way for customers to show their appreciation for their favourite local restaurant," said Paddy Quinlan, Growth Manager at Deliveroo Ireland.