RTÉ has confirmed that it has settled a Labour Court action taken by former employee Anne Roper challenging her forced retirement by the broadcaster at the age of 65.

Ms Roper, a former television producer-director, had won her case at the Workplace Relations Commission, which ordered RTÉ to pay her €100,000.

RTÉ appealed the case to the Labour Court, but after a five-day hearing, the Labour Court division was forced to recuse itself due to inappropriate comments made by a member of the Court.

Arthur Hall had described questioning by RTÉ's barrister Marguerite Bolger SC as "ageist" and "sexist".

Mr Hall subsequently apologised to Ms Bolger during the public hearing, but the Chair of the division of the Court - Alan Haugh - said that the division would have to recuse itself and arrange a re-hearing with a new division.

Informed sources had described such a recusal as "extremely rare and practically unheard of".

A re-hearing had been due to take place later this week, but it is understood that the Labour Court was informed that the case had been settled.

The terms of the settlement are not known.

It remains unclear whether RTÉ and Ms Roper will be able to recover the significant costs incurred from the five-day hearing, which had to be abandoned through no fault of either party.

In the normal courts, the losing party pays the costs of the winning side, but in the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court, each side bears their own costs, whether they win or lose.

Both sides were represented by solicitors and barristers.

In a statement, Ms Roper said: "In 2019 I won an employment equality case with RTÉ at the Workplace Relations Commission. RTÉ's appeal to the Labour Court regarding that case has now been withdrawn and matters have been settled to my satisfaction. I'm very happy with the outcome."

RTÉ News asked the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment whether the State had made any contribution to the costs RTÉ and Ms Roper accrued during the five-day Labour Court hearing which had to be abandoned. A department spokesperson said: "The department has no role in this matter."