Intel has confirmed that there has been an outbreak of Covid-19 on the construction site for its new manufacturing facility in Leixlip, Kildare.

Responding to a query from RTE, a spokesperson estimated the number of cases at "approximately 70" but described the situation as "fluid".

She indicated that the main contractor was actively working with the relevant public health authorities, and that follow up testing has resulted in further positive cases being identified.

Workers at the site have been informed.

"We are working to support our construction team in whatever way we can - to understand what has happened in this situation and how it can be addressed with corrective measures," the spokesperson said.

"For all confirmed cases, contact tracing was conducted and any other workers who may have been exposed have been required to self-quarantine and monitor their health. Additional testing of workers at the construction site is being carried out and any affected areas are subject to deep cleaning and disinfection."

Intel said that for confidentiality reasons they were not disclosing details of any specific cases.

The Intel spokesperson said that the construction site remains "operational", saying: "We are strictly adhering to the advice of the public health authorities."