Eir's SIM-only mobile service GoMo is to put up prices again for new customers but the company has not yet revealed by how much. 

GoMo said today its €12.99 offer is coming to an end on March 31 for new customers who wish to sign up to the network. 

It had 250,000 customers by last October. When it first launched, GoMo's offer started at €9.99 and then increased to €12.99. 

The no-frills service offers a SIM-only option and with no shops or other physical presence, it offers its customer services over the internet. 

SIMs are sent by courier to the address of the customer.

GoMo uses Eir's network and offers 99% population coverage. 

GoMo said its updated price point from April, for new customers only, will be announced in the coming weeks.