Google has today launched a new website which is specifically dedicated and designed to help small Irish businesses take their business online and continue to reach customers during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Google said the aim of its Google for Small Business website is to help Irish businesses leverage current consumer sentiment by using the online tools available to them. 

It noted that the search term "buy Irish" increased by 3,500% last year, and by nearly 6,400% during peak shopping seasons.

Being visible online will enable more Irish businesses to reach new and existing customers now while restrictions remain in place and in the future, it added. 

The free online platform will guide businesses along every step of their journey from setting up their Google Business Profile to creating a website, along with tips and advice on how to reach and grow their customer base. 

The platform will also allow business owners to tailor their approach, in their own time, to operating online based on their own specific needs. 

Alice Mansergh, Google's Director of Small Business, said the new online platform has been set up at a crucial time for small businesses, many of whom have faced great challenges over the past year due to Covid-19 and need help adapting and growing online. 

"Over the last year we have seen some great success stories from small businesses that have pivoted to sell and engage with their customers online," Alice Mansergh said. 

"Google for Small Business was designed to help more businesses leverage the supports available and start taking the small steps to overcome the impacts of the pandemic and experience similar growth and success," he added.  

Google has committed to supporting 60,000 Irish SMEs as they embark on recovery from the financial impacts caused by Covid-19.

The launch of the Google for Small Business website is part of this ongoing commitment to support Irish SMEs and help them gain the necessary digital skills to set up and grow their business successfully online.