Offaly County Council has launched a new scheme in Edenderry that uses smart technology to manage parking, litter control, air quality and building energy use.

The e-denderry project will establish the Midlands town as a leader in Ireland for the provision of public services through leveraging the benefits of technology.

The project is supported by Cellnex, a major provider of wireless infrastructure in Europe.

The scheme is intended to provide a model for how other towns can benefit from technology-led solutions and is part of a wider suite of measures that the council is engaged in to develop a sustainable green economy.

Edenderry is now the first town in Ireland with sensors and monitoring devices deployed by Cellnex using low power wide area (LoRaWAN) technology to enhance the provision of parking and litter collection.

This will enable the council to better manage these services and the infrastructure deployed can be maintained easily and at low cost.

The project to date has focused on four key areas, including parking space monitoring, which will use sensors to ensure appropriate use of loading bays, wheelchair spaces and electric vehicle charging points.

On litter control, the new scheme will measure how full bins are and when they need emptying, with a demonstration bin completed and five more bins to be upgraded on JKL Street.

Air quality monitoring sensors throughout the town provide real-time monitoring of air quality and pollution levels.

It also includes Building Management Systems, which sees remote monitoring of energy use, access, lighting and smoke alarms at Edenderry Municipal District offices and also in the Community Cabin project.

Minister for Environment, Climate and Communications Eamon Ryan said that e-denderry shows the potential for the Internet of Things to measure and manage our built and natural environment.

"I look forward to seeing the data gathered in these projects, and considering how we might employ this technology throughout the country," he added.