Samsung has unveiled a range of new robots designed to help out around the home - capable of filling the dishwasher and even pouring owners a glass of wine.

The line-up includes a robot vacuum cleaner which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify cables and fragile objects when tidying.

It is joined by the Bot Care, a robotic assistant which also uses AI to learn a person's schedule and habits, and the Bot Handy, which includes a robotic arm and is able to analyse objects and pick them up with the correct force to help with household chores.

To demonstrate the Bot Handy, the tech giant showed it lifting items from a kitchen side into a dishwasher, as well as pouring a glass of wine without any human help.

The JetBot 90 AI+ robot vacuum includes a camera as well as sensors to navigate around the home, and the camera can also be used remotely by owners to check in on pets.

However, there was no word on when the robots might be made available to the public.

The trio of new devices were part of Samsung's new gadget announcements at CES, the annual technology convention which has moved entirely online for the first time in 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Samsung said it was increasingly looking at ways of improving life at home for people, as lockdowns and social distancing measures mean many spent more time working and studying from home.

"Our world looks different, and many of you have been faced with a new reality - one where, among other things, your home has taken on a greater significance," said Samsung's Sebastian Seung.

"Our innovations are designed to provide more personal and more intuitive experiences that express your personality. We're hard at work to bring you next-generation innovation, with AI as the core enabler, for your better tomorrow."

Devices designed to improve life in the pandemic as well as respond to new trends emerging from it has already been an early theme of this year's CES, with fellow tech giant LG announcing a robot which uses UV light to disinfect surfaces earlier on Monday.