Google is to offer 46 apartments at its new Bolands Mills complex in Dublin to key workers in the area at reduced rents.

The tech firm is to partner with a not-for-profit approved housing body to roll out the plan.

"Google's aim is to create an environment that is reflective of the diverse nature of the Grand Canal area," it said,

"It is expected that this project will target eligible individuals, and their families, who work in jobs that are critical for the well-being of the community such as public safety employees, nurses, teachers, and front line service workers."

Google occupies a large number of the office buildings in the area surrounding Bolands Mill at the Grand Canal.

However, its significant presence has led to some criticism in recent years that the area has become too expensive for locals or people on average industrial wages to live in.

Jennifer Kelly, Global Vice-President of Real Estate and Workplace Services at Google said the company is committed to ensuring that the development of Bolands Mills has a positive impact in the community.

She said offering the 46 apartments to key workers is an exciting part of that.

"Our hope is that through the development of Bolands Mills, we support the Grand Canal district to flourish as an active, creative and innovative area with community at its core," she said.

"We are working with our neighbours to ensure that Bolands Mills meets their needs and that it provides retail, business and leisure facilities that benefit the people that live here, and those that travel to work here every day."

The complex is set to open to retail tenants in the middle of next year and to the public from the end of 2022.

It will have 40,000 sq feet of publicly accessible mixed use space, including a 5,000 square foot community and cultural space.

It will also have mixed retail, recreation and food outlets.