Recruitment in the construction and engineering sectors has bounced back since the ending of the first nationwide Covid restrictions introduced in March. 

That's according to e-recruitment website, which said there was a 60% drop in vacancy ads for those industries in April compared to February and a 70% fall compared to the same month in 2019.

But since then there has been a resurgence in new hiring in the areas, with July, August and September seeing a return to pre-Covid recruitment levels.

September proved a particularly strong month for growth, with jobs activity 43% higher than pre-Covid levels and 26% higher when compared to the same period last year, according to

The decision by the Government to designate construction an essential service for the current six weeks of Level 5 restrictions means recruitment levels are expected to remain positive during this period.

"To build on this growth, Government and industry must work collaboratively to ensure that sufficient supports and guidelines are in place to minimise disruption to construction activity and the livelihoods of those employed within the sector going forward," said Christopher Paye, General Manager at 

"The Government's recent decision to allow the industry to remain operational under the current Level-5 guidelines was a significant development on this front."

"However, the unpredictability of the Covid-19 pandemic still poses threats for the sector, leaving no room for complacency."

Meanwhile, data released by LinkedIn shows there was a marginal return of hiring growth across all categories here last month, reaching around 4% in the week ending October 17th.

The employment based social network and recruitment platform also finds that technology based roles offer the best opportunities for those seeking work right now. 

However, LinkedIn said trends from earlier in the year also suggest there is potential for another significant sag in hiring within the next few months.