Twenty-something 'Youtuber' twin millionaires, Ryan and Scott Fitzsimons have now shared €7.4m in pay over the past five years.

This follows the 29 year old Co Meath brothers last year sharing a further €706,874 in pay from their Little Lizard Ltd firm.

The pay works out at €353,437 each which is just under €1,000 per day each.

The bumper pay for the two arises from their massively popular Youtube Mindcraft channel.

However, the pay for the two last year is down sharply on the large packet of €1.69m for the two in 2018.

The pay of the last two years brings to €7.4m the amount that the two have paid themselves in the past five years.

The twins paid themselves a total of €4.1m over 2016 and 2015, made up of pay of €2.2m in 2016 and €1.8m in 2015.

The two ‘Minecraft millionaires’ only uploaded their first Minecraft video in June 2012 and today their Littlelizard Adventure channel boasts 4.1 million subscribers.

Over the past eight years, the channel has been viewed a staggering 2.59 billion times.

The two only turned 29 at the end of March this year and at the end of last year, the brothers’ Little Lizard Ltd firm was sitting on accumulated profits of €374,207.

The company’s cash pile increased from €83,029 to €123,891 during the year.

The company last year recorded a loss of €63,680 that takes account of non-cash depreciation costs of €88,982.

The brothers’ working lives involves playing modified versions of the Minecraft game with friendly and humorous voice-overs that started out as a hobby for the two.

The Fitzsimons make most of their income from advertising on their channel and direct payments from YouTube based on the number of views of their videos.

In the Minecraft world they inhabit, Ryan's character is known as Little Lizard while Scott is Tiny Turtle.

The brothers tend to play modified versions  of the mega-selling Minecraft based on popular games, TV shows, movies or sometimes original ideas.

After the channel debuted on YouTube in 2012, it took nine months for the venture to gain 10,000 subscribers. The brothers only had the one laptop to use between them when they started off.

In a previous interview, Scott said: "At the start, it was just a hobby. We played it, we enjoyed uploading it and some of the stuff clicked more and people started enjoying it. You could easily notice what people wanted to watch rather than just what you wanted to play so if you got a good combination of both."

The boys’ younger sister, Kelly has also carved out a highly lucrative career as a 'Youtuber’.

Aged 25, Kelly’s ‘Little Kelly Minecraft’ YouTube channel has 3.16m subscribers and 1.76bn views since her channel got up and running in June 2015.

At the end of 2018, Kelly’s firm, Kelfit Entertainment Ltd was sitting on accumulated profits of €169,742.