Taxi app Free Now has claimed to have resolved difficulties that resulted in delayed payments of up to two weeks to drivers in Ireland who are using the service.

The problem was caused by a technical issue at a third party company that provided payments services for Free Now.

"We are pleased that two payments have been made to drivers today," Free Now said in a statement.

"This includes the delayed payment from last week (via our original payment provider) and the payment for this week (via a different payment provider), which was paid a day early."

The taxi service firm said this week's payment also includes a 20% top up bonus it implemented over the weekend as a goodwill gesture to drivers. 

Many drivers had expressed annoyance and frustration that they had failed to receive money owed to them for fares paid via debit and credit card through the app in recent weeks.

Some were owed many hundreds of euro.

"We have been in close communication with affected drivers over the past few days and have worked hard to resolve this issue," it said.

"Again, we thank drivers for their patience and understanding over the past few days."

Free Now defended its financial infrastructure, describing it as strong.

"Of course, it is deeply unsatisfactory that this issue arose, we have changed our payment provider to ensure this doesn’t happen again," it said.