It would be "economic treason" if the Government were to appeal any decision by the EU that the country is owed €13bn in tax from Apple, according to Solidarity - People Before Profit's Richard Boyd Barrett.

Ahead of a judgment expected to be delivered by the General Court of the European Union tomorrow, Mr Boyd Barrett has written to Ceann Comhairle Seán Ó Fearghaíl, seeking that time is set aside to debate the ruling in the Dáil. 

Solidarity - People Before Profit has also urged people to protest outside the Convention Centre on Thursday evening if the Government makes any attempt to "prevent a collection of the tax".  

Mr Boyd Barrett said the money could be used to address "the housing crisis, the crisis in our public health system and the many cash strapped public services".

"In the context of Covid-19 and a bill which is likely to run to €20bn, we think it would be nothing short of economic treason for the Irish Government to appeal against an EU decision that that €13bn would be paid to the Irish Exchequer," he said. 

"We are saying now to the Government: if the ruling is in favour of the Irish people tomorrow, that money should be paid. 

"There should be absolutely no question of appeal."

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