Almost one third of all Irish workers have had an online account compromised since they began working from home.

The majority of those reacted by updating their passwords, though some took no action.

The survey was conducted by OneLogin to mark World Password Day. It involved 5,000 remote workers across five countries, including 1,000 in Ireland.

It found that the majority of workers were using employer-supplied computers, however 36% were working from personal devices.

The vast majority - 81% - had received guidelines for remote working from their employers, however the line between personal and professional usage was still blurred for many.

More than 40% of respondents said they used their business Zoom account to connect with friends and family.

A quarter said they used their work devices for gaming or gambling, while 13% used them to access adult sites.

Some also admitted to sharing work logins with family members, while 13% had let a family member use their work computer for personal use.

But while many were still struggling to deal with remote working etiquette, the majority expected it to be a feature of their lives for some time.

According to OneLogin, 65% of respondents expect their jobs to better facilitiate remote working in the future following the current pandemic.