Chinese technology giant Huawei has announced a €6m investment for Lero, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software which is based at the University of Limerick.
The investment will fund a research programme aimed at improving the reliability of software applications. 

Lero researchers from University of Limerick, Trinity College Dublin, NUI Galway and Dublin City University will take part in the four-year research programme which begins formally early next year. 

Earlier this year, Huawei said it would invest €70m in Irish research and development over the coming three years.

The four-year programme is expected to result in a number of leading-edge research projects on advanced software engineering topics, leading to dedicated knowledge transfer workshops and publications in major journals.

Lero director Professor Brian Fitzgerald said this research programme brings together top software researchers from around the country to work with Huawei on a series of projects aimed at making software more efficient and reliable.

Professor Fitzgerald noted the dramatic increase in both the volume and complexity of the software that needs to be produced globally. 

"This project will help industry generate the best possible software over the four years of the strategic research partnership. As a company who have a strong record of research-led innovation, we look forward to working with Huawei on this programme," he added.

US authorities claim Huawei is too close to China's government, but Professor Fitzgerald said that security concerns with this deal did not arise.

Jijay Shen, CEO at Huawei Ireland, said the company consistently work with its key stakeholders to build positive relationships. 

"Lero is a world-leading software research centre with expertise second to none in several advanced software engineering topics. We are delighted to begin working with them on this research programme," he added.