Irish online ordering platform Flipdish has launched its self-service kiosk in Ireland.

Flipdish said the new innovation will deliver increased sales, better efficiencies, a reduction in queues and wait times and greater customer and employee satisfaction.  

The company said it is on target to process €60m in transactions this year and has over 1,500 brands partnering with the platform across Ireland, the UK, Europe and the US. 

The out-of-home market in Ireland, which describes all food consumed away from home in restaurants, hotels,
and coffee shops, is enjoying strong growth and forecast to be worth €9.3 billion by 2021.

Flipdish currently employs 90 staff and has raised €7m to date in funding. So far this year its order deliveries covered 1,146,575 km - the same distance as going to the moon, back to earth and returning to the moon again.

Conor McCarthy, co-founder and CEO of Flipdish, said that kiosk technology is the smart solution for busy restaurants and as revolutionary as the old-school dumbwaiter. 

"Self-service kiosks deliver an extra pair of highly skilled hands that will help independent Irish food businesses
prosper, driving growth and therefore, further employment," Mr McCarthy said. 

"The kiosk will never call in sick, speaks several languages, is never rude to a customer, never makes a mistake with change and offers customers quick service when in a hurry," he added. 

Mr McCarthy said the major US fast food chains have introduced the self-service kiosk to many of their Irish outlets and Flipdish want to give Irish restaurants the opportunity to compete with them and reap the rewards.