Vodafone has become the country's first mobile operator to offer 5G roaming to customers travelling across several destinations in Europe. 

From today, Vodafone 5G roaming is now available in 100 towns and cities across the UK, Spain, Germany and Italy including London, Madrid, Munich and Rome. 

Vodafone also said its 5G network is now live at Dublin Airport, making it the country's first 5G connected airport. 

Vodafone Ireland's technology director Didier Clavero Perez said the company is aware of the need for accessibility and at no point is that greater than when peopl are far away from home or work. 

"We have therefore accelerated the availability of 5G roaming in time for the Christmas holidays," he said. 

"While travelling abroad, our customers will now find it even easier to keep in touch with loved ones at home and colleagues in the office," he added.