Eir's SIM-only mobile service, GoMo, looks set to end its introductory offer by January, following significant demand over the six weeks since it launched.

When it was announced on October 15th, GoMo offered the first 100,000 customers all calls, texts and 80GB of data a month for a guaranteed price of €9.99 for life.

However, the company said that it will have exceeded the 100,000 cut-off by Christmas and would therefore end the offer on January 8th.

The no-frills service offers a SIM-only option and has not shops or other physical presence, instead offering its customer services over the internet.

SIMs are sent by courier to the address of the customer.

It uses eir's network and offers 99% population coverage and over 97% 4G coverage. 

The offering has proven extremely popular with customers, triggering competitive pressure in the mobile market.