Cork-based agtech company ApisProtect has won gold in both the Tech Start Up of the Year and AgTech Start Up of the Year awards.

ApisProtect's technology helps commercial beekeepers protect the health of their honey bees.

The awards were part of Dublin Start Up Week and they received over 900 applications for 13 categories covering all areas of startup activity.

Winners from the National Startup Awards go forward to represent Ireland at the European Start Up Awards organised by the European Commission.

ApisProtect is monitoring the health of 20 million honey bees across 100,000 acres in Europe, North America, and South Africa. 

Using its technology, beekeepers no longer need to rely solely on manual hive checks that can allow disease, pests and other issues to deteriorate hive health beyond rescue.

Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy, CEO and co-founder of ApisProtect, said the company's mission is to save the honey bees.

"We want to secure the supply of one third of our diet, and make sure we can nourish and feed the 9.7 billion people on planet earth by 2050. It is a great honour to be recognised for our work in this area," Dr Edwards Murphy said.