A new Irish wellness app that empowers users to take control of their mental and physical wellbeing, is set to launch in Ireland.

KeepAppy co-founders Aimee-Louise Carton and Will Ben Sims designed the platform which enables people to track the vitals that most impact an individual's state of mind. 

KeepAppy is designed to increase self-awareness and encourage engagement with positive behaviour practices and will be available on the App Store and Google Store.

It contains 10 key features focused on empowering, educating and cultivating a wellness-oriented lifestyle, through three main areas: Prevention, Growth and Care.

Aside from its 10 key features, KeepAppy's core mission is dedicated to making a positive social impact on everyone. Its founders have developed a 1 for 1 model, meaning for every user who subscribes to the full version of KeepAppy, they will donate a lifetime subscription to someone in need, chosen by the helplines they work with.

The platform enables consumers, who may or may not suffer from mental wellbeing issues to record their wellbeing through a mood tracker, journaling, goal setting and more. KeepAppy can be described as a gym for everyone’s wellbeing, where users have an array of 'equipment’ or tools to help them take control of their mental health. 

KeepAppy is a strictly confidential app - its founders have committed to never abusing or selling users data, in contrast to many other wellness platforms.

Aimee-Louise Carton said KeepAppy aims to become the leading wellness app for Irish people. "It’s a strictly confidential platform where users can journal their moods and gain access to a host of other services that can improve their mental state of mind in a matter of minutes."