A complaint against an advertisement from a pub owned by former Tipperary hurler Lar Corbett has been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) after complaints it was offensive and promoting alcohol in a way that could be harmful.

The ad from the 'Lar Corbetts & Coppingers' pub appeared on Facebook in the lead-up to Good Friday this year - the first time pubs were allowed to legally serve alcohol on the day.

It included the phrase "Bring a bus for a free bar".

According to the ASAI, the ad also featured a caricature image that resembled Jesus surrounded by a pint glass as well as a can and another glass.

Jesus is holding a pint of beer in one hand and giving a thumbs-up with the other. A speech bubble stated "Thank God it's Good Friday. Pubs open let's celebrate. Like Tag & Share to win a free bar."

The complainant said she felt it was promoting alcohol in a way that could be harmful, i.e., it stated bring a bus for a free bar and the price of the drinks were so low.

In addition, the ASAI said the woman said she "was a Catholic and was highly offended by the picture of Our Lord holding a pint. She said she felt the advertisement was both dangerous and insulting".

The ASAI Complaints Committee expressed concern at Lar Corbett & Coppingers' failure to respond to the complaint and determined the ad should not be used in the same format again.

In its latest Complaints Bulletin, the ASAI also upheld a complaint against an online advertisement by Aer Lingus in relation to a flight promotion and one by Independent News & Media over a radio ad for the Sunday Independent in relation to a guide being published in the following Sunday's paper on school league tables.