New accounts published by Facebook Ireland show the social network paid €38.3m in tax here last year on a profit of €251.8m. 

The company's effective tax rate for the period was 15.5% as a result. 

Facebook has its international headquarters in Dublin, a data centre in Clonee and a virtual reality lab in Cork.

By the end of this year, the company will employ over 4,000 staff both directly and indirectly across its operations here. 

The amount of tax the company paid last year rose by 29% compared to the €30.4m paid the previous year. 

Turnover for 2017 rose by €6.1 billion to €18.7 billion, the accounts show. 

But when cost of sales, administrative expenses and interest are taken into account, the firm recorded a profit of €251.8m. 

That represents a 44% increase on the 2016 figure of €174.3m. 

According to figures contained in the accounts, the average salary of Facebook employees here last year was €95,766. 

Facebook recently announced that it has acquired a lease on the 14 acre Bankcentre development in Ballsbridge currently occupied by AIB, and intends to move its staff from the city centre to the campus. 

The new campus will include 870,000 square foot of floor space across a number of buildings and will have capacity for an additional 5,000 people.

It also plans to expand the Clonee data centre which began serving traffic this year.