IDA Ireland secured 139 investments in the first half of 2018, which it says will lead to the creation of 11,300 new jobs. 

That compares to 114 investments in the first half of last year, when around 11,000 jobs were created. 

More than a third of the investments so far this year were in the country's regions, including more than 700 jobs coming from two investments in Dundalk. 

Meanwhile, the agency said investments from Asian companies also increased. 

IDA Ireland CEO Martin Shanahan said it had been a strong performance, despite the increasingly competitive environment. 

He welcomed the increase in regional investment and the increased interest from Asian businesses, though he said this was an area that he wanted to grow further. 

Asked whether President Donald Trump's tax changes had affected investment from the US, Mr Shanahan said there it had not had any impact so far.

However he said the agency had noted a slow down in decision making as firms tried to calculate where best to place future investments.

He also said that they were on-target for investments stemming from Britain's exit from the European Union, with more than 40 Brexit-related deals secured so far. 

However he said many firms were holding back on making specific announcements, particularly around job numbers, until the nature of the deal between the EU and the UK was known.
The Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphreys also welcomed the IDA Ireland figures, specifically the growth in regional investment. 

She said the country's competitiveness was one of its key attractions and it was vital that that was maintained in the future.

The 11,300 new jobs will be placed across Ireland in Longford, Dundalk, Shannon, Sligo, Galway, Dublin, the Mid-West,Cork and Drogheda. 

In Longford, Red Seal Cups will create 100 jobs with Avery Dennison establishing 200. Dundalk will welcome 400 jobs at Wuxi and 315 jobs at Almac in the upcoming months.

Jaguar LandRover announced 150 available positions in Shannon with Abbvie and Quidel establishing about 100 jobs in Sligo and Galway, respectively. 

In the Midwest, Edwards Life Sciences expects to offer 600 positions with PCI Services offering 120 jobs in Drogheda. Deutsche Börse, Pilz, and Rubrik will provide 200, 70, and 50 jobs in Cork. 

Dublin will be home to most new jobs as N3, Guidewire, and Segment promise to create about 100 jobs. Takeda and Comtrade will create 75 and 40 jobs, respectively. Mastercard is set to base 150 new jobs in Dublin with New Relic, Autodesk, and Viasat offering around 200 new positions. MSD will create the most jobs available in Dublin with 350 new positions.