100 high-skilled jobs are being created in County Monaghan by Entekra - the US-focused construction firm headed up by former Century Homes founder Gerry McCaughey.

Entekra specialises in the off-site manufacture of timber-frame homes, and has secured a 55 million dollar investment to expand the business.

Gerry McCaughey, who is California-based, said the decision to headquarter the company in Monaghan was taken for a number of reasons.

He said it is where he grew up, the area has a great work ethic, and he built the largest offsite timber frame company in Europe out of Monaghan.

"A lot of the skills, the background and knowledge that was there to build that company to become the largest in Europe I believe is still there and available to us now."

Mr McCaughey said the company’s high-skilled jobs will be based in Co Monaghan, with the California operation taking on the manufacturing role.

"Unlike what happens mostly in Ireland where you see a lot of FDI companies putting their manufacturing jobs into Ireland and leaving their high-skilled jobs offshore somewhere else, we’re doing the reverse.

"We’re going to put the high-skilled jobs into Monaghan and actually have the manufacturing in California.

He said the roles that will be available in Monaghan will be in the areas of design, engineering, marketing, finance, estimating, and customer service.

The Entekra CEO also said Monaghan is a good place to attract people to come and live.

"We will utilise the Monaghan Institute and run our own courses in that. We will set up what we say internally is the Entekra University where we will actually offer train courses to train the people up in the skills necessary."

He said this will help the company build for the future, and he expects Entekra to be making more jobs announcements for Monaghan in the coming years and months.

Mr McCaughey said offsite timber-frame production is not that common in the US and he sees this as a massive growth area for Entekra.

While off-site construction of such frames has been common practice in Europe for decades, the concept is still relatively new in the United States.