Vodafone Ireland has today hosted Ireland's first live 5G test, in partnership with Ericsson.

5G technology allows a vast selection of services to be delivered in a "super" fast and efficient manner simultaneously. 

Today's test demonstrated 5G speeds of the future and showed customer applications ranging from remote experts, such as doctors, and augmented reality to high speed, immersive gaming. 

Over time 5G will drive "super-high" speed broadband and media and support increasing traffic demands from video services and interactive applications.

It will allow the connecting of "massive" numbers of devices. Vodafone said that the exponential growth of connected Internet of Things devices is driving more and more use cases, such as smart vehicles.

5G will also provide faster, secure, reliable and robust connectivity which will be essential for "mission critical" services such as real-time video surveillance, self-driving cars, ehealth remote surgery and remote patient monitoring.  

Madalina Suceveanu, Vodafone's chief technology officer, said that today's first successful trial of pre-standard 5G is an essential step forward in achieving the company's vision of a Gigabit Society for Ireland.  

"As our network evolves toward 5G it will become even faster and more resilient, will have significantly lower latency, and will allow a huge number of devices to connect simultaneously," she said.