Wexford-based Datapac will hire 35 new staff over the next 18 months at its Enniscorthy Network Operation Centre as part of a €2.1m investment.

General Manager of Service Delivery at Datapac Karen O'Connor said current growth is being driven by consumerisation and "that is driving the new generation coming into businesses who are looking to consume IT services in a different way.

"They expect it on demand, they expect it now. People in their lives are far busier ... and they haven't got time for downtime and for IT services not to be available.

"The second key thing is certainly around the security and cybercrime piece, and particularly with new legislation coming down the line around data protection and GDPR."

Ms O'Connor said choosing an IT service provider wisely is essential.

"There are going to be increased costs associated with both the costs and management of IT systems.

"We are seeing from our cust base that there is increased budgest being allocated in termds of IT spoend to deal with iussues suchas GDPR".

On IT security concerns for business, she said "mobility is a huge issue".

Ms O'Connor added: "There's an expectation that as an employee it's not 9-5 anymore, it's not necessarily an office base, so the use of mobile devices is prevalent and it's probably one of the most overlooked areas of risk in business and the amount of mobile devices that are out there without a basic security level is staggering."