Eir and Meteor have become the first Irish mobile networks to offer wifi calling to their customers. 

The system allows users who are set up for the service to seamlessly transfer between cellular and wifi connectivity when making voice calls. 

It means that customers using their phones in buildings with poor cellular coverage can continue to use their smartphones to make and receive calls over wifi instead.

The service also allows customers who are travelling abroad to make calls or send texts over wifi where it is available using their mobile plan minutes, without having to incur roaming costs.

Eir and Meteor post-pay mobile customers on selected plans will be able to avail of the system.

However, initially it will only work on the Samsung Galaxy S6, s6 Edge, S7 and S7 Edge and S8 and S8 Plus handsets.

It will also work on the iPhone 5C and any other newer versions of the Apple handset.

To avail of the service, phone settings need to be updated to the Android N firmware on the Samsung handsets or in the case of an iPhone, iOS 10.3 or above needs to be installed along with carrier 28.3.