Dell has been ranked as the best company to work for in Ireland, according to a survey by jobs site

The survey is based on thousands of employee reviews listed on Indeed, with tech firms and international retailers making up the bulk of the top 25.

Apple, Google and Intel are listed in the top ten, as is Debenhams, Oxfam, Next, Argos and Marks and Spencers.

Penneys is the highest ranking Irish-headquartered firm, coming in at number ten.

Paul D’Arcy, Senior Vice President for Marketing at Indeed, said that while salary is a major factor in determining workplace satisfaction, it is only one of a number of criteria on which employees judge their employer. 

"Increasingly we see that the modern workforce optimises for happiness. Offering part-time and flexible hours, or even remote working, helps staff to achieve a better work/life balance," Mr D'Arcy said.

"Our data also spotlights a positive company environment and good management as key factors in making a company a great place to work," he added.