A third of people say they are getting slower broadband speed in their homes than they are paying for.

That is according to a new survey which also found only half of broadband customers are satisfied with the speed of the service they are receiving. 

The study, carried out by Coyne Research on behalf of Switcher.ie, found two out of every five of those questioned in the online poll know what speed they signed up for. 

The same number assume they are getting the speed they pay for, but have never checked. 

The findings will feed into the growing focus on broadband speeds here in Ireland, and the ongoing questions around whether or not people are getting the speeds they pay for. 

According to the research, people consider speed of service the second most important consideration when choosing a broadband provider, with price being the most important factor. 

According to Switcher.ie, people should regularly conduct a speed test on their line, and if unhappy with the level of speed they are receiving, they should contact their provider. 

The research involved a representative sample of 1,000 online interviews with adults aged over 18.