Sales of PCs fell in the first quarter of the year as a result of a range of different factors, including the weakening global economy and the ongoing shift towards smartphones.

However analysts have different views on the extent of the decline, with IDC saying sales were down 11.5% in the three month period, and Gartner claiming they fell 9.6%. 

IDC said that a total of 60.6 million PCs were sold, in line with its conservative expectations of a decline of 11.3%. 

The company had expected reduced demand while businesses continue to pilot the potential upgrade of their PC networks to Microsoft Windows 10, and because the global economy was weak. 

Stock market volatility also did not help sales, it said.

Gartner, on the other hand, said sales during the quarter fell to 64.8 million - the sixth consecutive quarter of PC shipment declines. 

The company said it is also the first time in nine years that shipment volumes dropped under 65 million. 

The firm said all major regions recorded a fall in sales, with the largest drop in Latin America, driven in the main by economic and political problems in Brazil. 

Gartner said smartphones are replacing PCs in many households buying computing devices for the first time.

In the business market, it expects an uptick in sales in the second half of the year as companies start to adopt Windows 10. 

Lenovo remained the leading seller manufacturer of PCs during the period, despite seeing falls in sales in every region except North America.