Apple has officially announced the launch of a new, bigger tablet computer called the iPad Pro.

The firm's chief Tim Cook called it the "biggest news in iPad since the iPad" as he unveiled the Pro, which will have a 12.9” screen.

The screen resolution on the new iPad Pro will be better than that of a MacBook Pro, says Apple, as Mr Cook called it "our vision of the future of personal computing".

The iPad Pro will also be the first to have four speakers in it - one in each corner of the device. It will also come with a keyboard, built into a new case. This is a similar layout to Microsoft's extremely popular Surface tablet.

The Apple rival even made a surprise appearance at the announcement - giving a demo of Microsoft Office working on the Pro.

The iPad Pro will also come with a stylus - called the Apple Pencil.

This is despite late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs famously once saying: "If you see a stylus, they blew it."

The worst kept secret in technology - the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus - were also confirmed, and they will come in rose gold for the first time.

Leaked images had suggested the new colour finish, and the rumoured pressure sensitive screen was also confirmed.

Called 3D Touch, it works by offering different shortcuts when you press on things on the phone's screen with different levels of force.

Mr Cook called the iPhone the "most loved phone in the world" in his introduction, and said the new iPhone would continue that.

The new pressure sensitivity enables users to navigate more easily, Apple said, not only offering shortcuts for common features - you can post to Twitter without opening the app - but also moving between apps.

As well as the pressure sensitivity, the Touch ID fingerprint scanner has been updated and made faster, and the new "Hey Siri" command to use the digital assistant without pressing the home button.

The camera has also been redesigned and is now 12 megapixels, up from iSight on the iPhone 6. The new camera also enables users to film and edit in 4K.

A flash - created by the screen - has been added to the front-facing camera, which has been boosted to 5 megapixels too.

A new feature called Live Photos - which turns a single image in to a short moving picture by using 3D Touch was also revealed. The new feature captures a short period before and after you take a photo to create the animation.

Apple confirmed that the iPhone 6s will start at $199US, with the larger 6s Plus starting at $299. Pre-orders will begin on 12 September, with the new devices going on sale on 25 September.

The announcement came during a live event in San Francisco, where Apple also showed their new found love of fashion will continue, as the Apple Watch maker confirmed a new "fall line" of watch straps for autumn.

Mr Cook promised a day of "monster" news, but shares of the company remained nearly flat as executives showed off the iPad, which will be priced starting at $799 (€715).

Mr Cook began by talking up the Apple Watch, saying customer satisfaction for the new product was 97%.

Apple is working with French luxury goods maker Hermes on a new watch collection, and Facebook Messenger is coming to the device, he added.