Telecoms companies generated €931 million in revenue in the last quarter of 2012, according to a report by the Communications Regulator.

That represented a 0.1% increase on revenue compared to the previous quarter, but was down 2.4% on figures from October – December 2011.

The ComReg report shows a 3.1% year-on-year increase in fixed voice subscriptions, despite a decline in total voice traffic.

There was also a 0.5% increase in broadband subscriptions compared to Q4 2011, with household broadband penetration set at 65%.

The figures show a 3.8% rise in satellite/fibre connections, a 3.4% increase in cable users and a 2.8% rise in fixed, wireless access subscribers. DSL connections grew by 1%, while mobile broadband subscriptions fell by 2%.

According to ComReg, over 21% of broadband subscribers are now on connections with an advertised speed that is greater than, or equal to, 10Mb/s. This compares to 18.7% of customers a year ago.