The latest quarterly report from ComReg says that total voice traffic in the first quarter of 2012 fell by 1.1% to about 4.34 billion voice minutes.

ComReg says that mobile voice traffic was down 0.7% while fixed voice traffic decreased by 1.8% as the number of land lines in homes continue to decline.

The Commission for Communications Regulation says that total quarterly electronic communications revenues fell by 2.7% to 930m mainly due to a fall in mobile sector revenues.

The report reveals that the fixed broadband per capita penetration rate reached 23.6%. The total broadband per capita penetration rate - including mobile broadband - was 36.3%

The report also noted that broadband subscriptions inched 0.1% higher to 1,666,429, but internet subscriptions fell marginally by 0.1% to 1,687,083. ComReg said that a rise in cable and fibre/satellite subscriptions did not offset falls in DSL, dedicated mobile broadband and narrowband subscriptions.

ComReg said that mobile subscriptions stood at 5,521,348 by the end of March, up from 5,499,790 in the previous quarter.