A further €5 increase in the State pension and increases in social welfare payments for working families were announced today.

A Christmas bonus payment of 85% will be paid to all social welfare recipients in 2017.

From teh last week of March, there will be a €5 per week increase in all weekly social welfare payments, including disability allowance, carer’s allowance, Jobseekers’ Allowance and State pension.

There will be a €20 increase in the earnings disregard for the One Parent Family Paymentand Jobseekers’ Transitional scheme.

The threshold for the Family Income Supplement will rise by €10 per week for families with three children with a €2 per week rise in the rate of the qualified child payment.

There will be a €2.50 increase in the Telephone Support Allowance for those receiving the Living Alone and Fuel allowances

Mr Donohoe said the increases in social welfare payments and more targeted measures for working families announced today will have a positive effect on redistributing income and in reducing the risk of poverty and inequality.