The outcome of talks between British Prime Minister Theresa May's government and the opposition Labour Party to break the deadlock over Britain's exit from the European Union could be known in the coming week, the European Union's chief Brexit negotiator said.

"This week will be very important. We will have the results of negotiations between the Labour Party and the Theresa May's government. Are these talks going to yield something?," Michel Barnier said on LCI television.

Labour’s business spokesperson earlier said the talks have been productive but the government needed to move on its red lines.

Rebecca Long-Bailey hit back at claims from the Conservatives that her side has been stalling, saying "we're certainly not dragging our heels".

Speaking on Sky News, she said Labour wants "to see hard and fast movement on those red lines as quickly as possible."

Asked if a second referendum was one of Labour's "red lines" in the talks, she said party leader Jeremy Corbyn and his team were "not being hugely prescriptive on the minute detail of specific elements because we are willing to compromise and we are willing to be flexible".

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