British Prime Minister Theresa May has said her government will continue to plan for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit, her spokesman said.

Mrs May made the comment in an internal note to staff.

The European Union last week delayed Brexit until the end of October, averting, for now at least, the risk of an abrupt British departure from the bloc which investors fear would hurt the economy.

Mrs May's spokesman also told reporters that the prime minister was not thinking about calling an early general election as a way to break the Brexit impasse in parliament.

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Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt Jeremy Hunt has said continuing Brexit "paralysis" will be "highly damaging" to the UK.

He is currently on a visit to Japan, where he is speaking with Japanese businesses about Brexit and the outlook for the UK's future relationship with Japan.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today, Mr Hunt said: "We need to know whether we are going to need a trade deal with Japan and what type of trade deal it will be, but I have been meeting with Toyota today, and I'm going on to meet NTT, which is the main Japanese telecom company.

"My message is that, whatever the outcome of Brexit, Britain is going to be the best place in Europe to invest in with our top universities, the best universities in Europe, with more tech start-ups than France, Germany, and Italy combined."

Mr Hunt added: "It is absolutely clear that Brexit paralysis, if it continues for a long time, will he highly damaging to our international standing."

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