Suddenly the chances of a hard Brexit have increased.

For the Irish Government it makes its job of navigating Britain’s exit from the European Union much harder.

If the rejection of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement had been by a smaller margin it might have given some optimism to Ministers in Dublin that concessions may have helped get a deal over the line in a second Westminster vote.

However, that prospect seems more remote after the historic rejection by 230 votes in the British Parliament.

The hopes of an orderly exit of Britain from the EU have been sucked further into the abyss of chaotic Westminster politics.

The key issue is that both Remainers and Brexiteers have voted against Theresa May’s proposed deal in large numbers.

There is the possibility that other EU member States would agree to give Britain more time and extend article 50. But there is no guarantee of that.

But the bullet point for Ireland is that politicians here will have to step up preparations for the possibility a disorderly hard Brexit. This could get bumpy.