British MPs will gather later for a vote on Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement, after more than two years of talks with the EU and months of parliamentary and intra-party wrangling on both sides of the Commons.

The business end of events will be this evening when voting takes place, following the last of five days of debate.

Here are some of the approximate times of events during the day:

9.30am - The Cabinet gathers in Downing Street for its regular Tuesday morning meeting. It is likely to last for several hours.

12.50pm - The last day of the Brexit debate will be opened by Attorney General Geoffrey Cox.

6.30pm - Theresa May will close the debate with a speech from the Dispatch Box. It is expected to be heavy on "the people expect" and "the eyes of the world are upon us" type rhetoric.

7pm - Voting will begin, starting with backbench amendments and culminating in the meaningful vote on the Withdrawal Agreement itself. It could be as late as 10pm according to some guesses.

Speaker John Bercow will reveal which amendments he has selected for a vote as the final day of debate starts on Tuesday, with Hilary Benn already having dropped his.

After the meaningful vote takes place, Mrs May is expected to make a statement to the House of Commons.