Politicians are calling for an internal report by the Revenue Commissioners on the impact of Brexit to be published.

The internal report by the Revenue Commissioners has spelled out the enormous physical and economic impact Brexit will impose upon both Ireland’s customs infrastructure, and on the tens of thousands of companies who trade with the UK.

The unpublished report, seen by RTÉ News, sets out in stark detail the vast increase in paperwork, human resources and physical space requirements at ports and airports.

Fianna Fáil spokesperson on Brexit, Stephen Donnelly, said that the leaked report has shown that there are elements within the Government more interested in playing party politics than in working on a cross-party basis to prepare Ireland for Brexit.

"The leaking of this report today shows that there are some within Government who are unwilling to share critical pieces of analyses with the Oireachtas at a time when the risks to our country’s future economic prosperity have never been so grave," said Mr Donnelly.

"My colleagues and I have consistently requested, from a variety of government departments, to see reports of this nature, and we have been stonewalled.

"The Government has not shown any signs of how it is preparing to deal with these stark challenges. They need to produce a plan, backed up with real finance, to assure businesses and communities that Ireland will be prepared and ready," said Mr Donnelly.

Meanwhile, Labour Party leader Brendan Howlin said: "I see no point in the Government keeping this analysis to itself. The report should be published, with redactions if necessary, over the coming days.

"The goal of Irish policy now should be to persuade the UK government to keep the UK within the single market and the customs union," said Mr Howlin.