Ireland is expected to get two new MEPs once Brexit is legally completed, according to a report on the composition of the European Parliament which has been discussed by MEPs.

However, the total number of MEPs in the parliament will be reduced.

There are currently 73 UK MEPs out of a total of 751 members.

After Brexit, the total number of MEPs will fall to 700, but no country would lose an MEP, and a number of countries, including Ireland are expected to gain members.

Ireland currently has 11 MEPs but this would rise to 13 post-Brexit, according to the report.

European Parliament Vice President Mairead McGuinness, who is a member of the parliament's Constitutional Affairs Committee, said a proposal has been discussed which outlines a reduction in the total number of MEPs but proposes additional seats for certain countries including Ireland.

The Midlands-North West MEP said the change would only come in when Brexit is completed, and there would be no difference in the number of MEPs to be elected in the 2019 European elections, however, a mechanism would be put in place to allow the additional MEPs to join later in the parliamentary term.

Other countries to gain MEPs include Estonia, Austria, and Denmark.

Fifty-one seats would remain vacant, but available for potential future enlargements.

The report will be reviewed and possibly amended by MEPs this month, before being voted on at a later stage.